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Multi-Coloured Spot Art Paper Cut (Damien Hirst inspired)

35 GBP
An original paper-cut artwork by Graham Palmer. Inspired by the spot paintings of Damien Hirst, this paper-cut picture has circles cut from 16 different colours of paper, overlaid onto a pearlescent slightly off-white background. Each spot is raised a couple of millimetres off the background to give a shadow effect. (I also have a couple of these where the spots are not so raised up; not pictured.)

The frame is a box frame, with a glass front, so in different lights you get different shadow effects. It can be hung from the wall using the hook on the back, or can be placed free-standing on a flat level surface.

As each of the 16 spots is a different colour and as I use different off-cuts of paper each time, each papercut is unique.

N.B. Due to the photography process and different monitor settings the colours may differ slightly from how they appear on your screen. The actual combination of colours may differ from that shown.

Approx Size: 253 x 253 x 45 mm

This item is designed by me, cut with the aid of a computer-controlled blade, and then a fair amount of hand work is required to achieve the final product.

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